The Next Big Thing

So we’re moving.  In August.  We figured this out two weeks ago, I know it’s sudden but we’re just crazy like that.  My crazy husband (Figment), my crazy dog, my two crazy cats  and myself will be heading out in the middle of August for the great unknown.  Well, it’s not completely unknown.  I’ve been there before, and Figment grew up there, but I’ve never lived there.  And I can’t say I’ve never moved across country to a place I knew no one with little to no job prospects before either.  I did that when I moved to DC 5 years ago and it worked out fine.  It just feels a lot harder this time, I’ve put down roots.  I wasn’t expecting to leave any time soon, there’s still so much to do.  But, it feels right.

I hate my job, it’s slowly killing my soul and I don’t know how much longer I can manage to sit behind this desk doing basically nothing all day.  Yes, the money is good and it leaves me ample time to pursue other interests, but it’s so boring and my co-workers/boss are so ridiculous that it’s driving me crazy.  I don’t want to deal with a dead-end job that’s intellectually boring and accomplishes nothing for the rest of my life.  I want to do something that has a tangible end result, and I think I’ve found it, but it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Figment hates his job too.  He’s been there for ten years, and he loved his job when he started but they’ve slowly been taking away all the parts that he really loves in order to give him responsibility for things he hates.  He’s been ready to move back for a while (his family is still there), but didn’t want to just up and leave with no prospects on the other end.  I think maybe he’s a little bit more cautious than I am.  But I came home one evening after what ended up being a particularly bad work week for both of us and set out the plan.

Here it goes.  My degree is all well and good here in DC, land of lawyers, lobbyists, and Congress, but it won’t do me any good in BFE Missouri, land of medical centers.  I’ve always enjoyed science, but have never wanted to be a doctor (too much school) or a nurse (too much coddling).  I’m crap at calculus, and I don’t want to write things for a living (although writing for fun is totally cool) so engineering and lawyering are out.  So, I got admitted to a bachelors program at Missouri State University which will help me get my prerequisites that I need for the ultimate goal: physician’s assistant school.  This also takes care of the niggling little problem of health insurance.  Sure, medical insurance through schools isn’t the best and it isn’t the cheapest, but it’s so much better than no insurance at all.

Housing is also taken care of.  Figment’s parents own a seriously ancient farm house in the middle of nowhere.  As a temporary place to live, it’s fine.  It’s free and I already know how to get there from most places.  There’s a really great porch on the front and it’s got a nice back yard.  It’s air conditioned and did I mention free?  The problem is, it’s tiny, ancient, and crap.  The internet and cable availability?  Satellite, for both.  We may live there for a while, but I have made it abundantly clear to Figment that I will not live in a place where my monthly internet cap is less than a gig.  I must, and will, have broadband internet.  This is non-negotiable.  Especially if you want me to live out in the middle of nowhere.  A girl needs entertainment and cows just aren’t gonna cut it.

So we’ve got housing and insurance.  We have savings and figment is nothing if not highly marketable.  So employment should take care of itself soon after we get there.  The challenge is going to be giving up the things I’m used to having here in the city.  But that’s another post.


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