Disney Insane-cation Day 1


Oh man.  Our vacation. was. INSANE.  The trip down was horrible.  We were in the last group to board the plane, and we were still outside the jetway when they announced that all the overhead space was full.  What?  Then they told us one of our carry ons wouldn’t fit under the seat (which it totally would have) so we had to actually check it.  Thankfully, we weren’t charged a second checked bag fee.  Then that little fiasco made us 30 minutes late for takeoff, so our takeoff slot was gone and we were going to have to wait.  (Another problem was getting the nutbags on the flight to sit the hell down already!)

We finally got to the runway, only to sit there for two hours.  Why? Because our slot was gone, and suddenly the winds had changed which meant because of the weight of the plane, we would have to take off in the opposite direction from where we were supposed to take off and there wasn’t any space between all the planes landing going in that direction for us.  Then it started raining.  Then the President flew through the local airspace, further backing things up.  I love my President, but not when he’s interrupting my regularly scheduled programming, so to speak.

We finally got underway about two hours after we were supposed to.  (Figment had a drink on the plane because we were seriously pissed at this point, but I was saving myself for the epic Pina Colada that I knew was waiting for me at our resort.)  We FINALLY got to the airport in Orlando wt which point we had to take the tram from our arrival gate to the baggage claim, we got our two bags and headed off to get in line for the Disney Magical Express!  We were so tired by the time we made it to the hotel, we barely had any energy left to schlep across the street to our resort’s quick service dining place.

Pina Colada for MEAfter dinner, Figment and I hit the bar where I got my much needed Pina Colada, then sat around the pool area for a while.  (Yes, that is my delicious adult beverage over there on the right, and yes that is indeed Lilo and Stitch playing in the background on that giant inflatable screen!).  The first night was not magical, since I was so congested and exhausted that I ended up having an asthma attack and having to sit in the steamy shower for 30 minutes.  Then Figment’s mom started in with some serious log sawing, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I was cold, exhausted, and couldn’t breathe.  I finally wandered into our living room and figured out the pull out couch and semi-crashed.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too uncomfortable and the rest of our trip was way better.

Stay tuned for days 2, 3, and 4!


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