Disney Insanecation-Day 2

I awoke the first actual morning of Insanecation 2011 exhausted.  I’d had an absolutely crap night’s sleep and felt like a zombie.  It was a glorious morning, in the low 60s with a slight breeze and very little humidity.  The first stop of the morning was going to be Animal Kingdom for breakfast with Donald.  I was pretty excited about this, because even though this was my fifth trip to Disney, it would be my first trip to Animal Kingdom as it had been built a few years after the last time I had been.

After waiting what seemed like forever for the bus to show up, we finally made it to Animal Kingdom.  My first thought was for coffee, and then for waffles.  I mean really, how can you visit Disney for breakfast and not have a Mickey waffle!?  Breakfast was carbolicious, and the nephew got autographs from Mickey, Miney, Donald, and Daisy.  Then we were headed out, and one of the guys gave us the tip of the day – head out the side door so that when they drop the rope you’re a stone’s throw away from the Kilimanjaro Safari and since it was early, all the animals would be out.

We ended up being on the first truck out for the safari.  I was expecting at least fences or some other thing that would keep the animals out of the road and away from the tourists, but that was totally not the case.  All the animals (except the elephants) wandered wherever they liked and we even saw the lion and his mate just hanging out atop a rock right off the road.  Had they really wanted to, they could have come down and eaten us, but I think they probably get pretty regular feedings in order to prevent just such a thing.

Then, some genius in our party decided that Kali River Rapids would be an excellent idea.  I don’t remember who it was, but whoever you are, I call shenanigans.  I got completely drenched at 10 in the morning.  It wasn’t even hot yet, and I wasn’t actually wearing the right clothes to be drenched in.  Jean shorts are extremely uncomfortable wet.  Thankfully, I had planned better than the MIL, as she had both done her hair AND worn a white t-shirt.  None of us were particularly pleased as the signs tell you there’s a possibility of spray, not that you may end up taking a bath in your clothes!

After this debacle, we headed towards Expedition Everest.  On the way there, we passed this woman who was like nothing I had ever seen in my life.  She was not only completely clothed in leaves, but she was walking on stilts and had what were basically long crutches.  She didn’t walk, she kind of flew.  When she stopped at this pole and turned her face away from the crowd, there was no way you could tell there was a person in there.  It was amazing.

Now let me tell you, I didn’t ride my first roller coaster until my senior year of high school.  Yep, I was a COMPLETE scaredy cat.  But since then, I’ve gotten a lot better.  We got to Expedition Everest and were going to get in line, but two random guys offered us their fast passes, so Figment and I went and BIL and FIL got in line.  (BIL isn’t really good at roller coasters, I’m not sure what he was thinking.)  According to our bus driver, there was a giant Yeti that used to swing his arm at the cars on the way by, but after a few years the steel had actually started to warp and they had to shut him down because he was getting too close to the passengers.  Everest wasn’t at all bad as roller coasters go, even though there was some backwards action, which really isn’t my favorite thing.

We wandered Animal Kingdom for a little while longer because the nephew wanted to go to The Boneyard to excavate dino bones.  Figment and I take responsibility for this, for his birthday two years ago we bought him an excavate your own dino kit.  It apparently made a giant mess, but he LOVED it.  We hung out around there for awhile and then went for lunch, which was pretty good, then headed for Hollywood Studios (another new to me park).

We got to Hollywood Studios, where my camera died later on, and meandered towards something that the SIL wanted to do with the nephew.  It was way below our age group and didn’t seem interesting, so Figment and I got some ice cream and headed to the shade to chill while we waited.  Yep, I did get a chocolate covered Mickey on a stick.  It was just like I remembered and was really very refreshing.  Figment had a popsicle that he lost half of, but we rinsed it off with some of our water.  After everyone was finished, we went on the Great Movie Ride which was a nice change of pace from all the walking and was pretty cool (in more ways than one!).  Then Figment, BIL, and I headed over to get fast passes for the Rock & Roll Roller Coaster and to get in line for Tower of Terror.  I’m not quite sure how I let him talk me into that one.  I hate free fall, and honestly I kept my eyes closed the entire time.  When we got on, I accidentally overtightened my seatbelt and it was really uncomfortable, but once we started “falling” I was kind of happy I did.  (Another bus driver tidbit, you don’t actually fall, you’re pulled up and down by various cables.  It made me feel slightly better about it, but not enough to do it again.)

And holy balls, Rock & Roll Roller Coaster.  We got in line and I was fine until we got to the front and saw one take off.  I immediately started getting cold feet.  I was SO not interested in dying!  According to the book that someone had brought, the cars go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.  It ended up not being so bad, it was actually the smoothest roller coaster I had ever been on, and I totally would have done it again, only we never actually got the time to do so.

Then everyone headed off to Toy Story Mania which had an 80 minute wait, so Figment and I went off exploring on our own.  (What can I say, we’re impatient!)  We wandered around and checked things out and then had a moment of “hey, what’s over here?”  Then another moment of “wait, this looks like Star Wars”.

And it WAS Star Wars!  I had NO idea that Lucas had partnered with Disney to create a ride there.  We got fast passes, and were going to come back, but the line seemed to be moving pretty quickly so we just got in line where we randomly met (by sharing hiccup cures) two people in line behind us who actually work at Disney.  (The pay isn’t great, but the benefits are amazing.)  They told us that there are 57 different versions of this ONE ride.  The lead up in line was awesome.  If it’s one thing Disney knows, it’s attention to detail and entertaining people while they’re in line.  We got to the ride, strapped in (even the “pre-flight” video was hilarious, with stuffed ewoks and people in Yoda backpacks), and then proceeded into what would be one of my FAVORITE parts of the whole Disney experience.  Even though it was 3D, which for some reason doesn’t get along with my crappy vision, it was amazing.  I highly recommend it to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, well except 5 year olds apparently.

We exited and the fam was waiting for us and even the 5 year old wanted to go, so we gave them our fast passes and they went in while Figment and I stood outside and watched the show.  They choose kids from the audience to “train” to become Jedi.  They even fight Vader at the end!  It was adorable, until they came back out.  Apparently, the 5 year old spent the ENTIRE time screaming.  This is the same kid that rides scary roller coasters at home all the time, things I’m not even sure I’d want to do.  (This is a theme that would continue throughout the vacation.  Don’t even get me started on all that mess.)  Then we all decided we were hot and tired and ready to go.  So back to the hotel we headed for dinner and hot tubbing.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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