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What We’re Giving Up

The more I think about moving, the more I find things that make me say “CRAP, they don’t have that in MO!”  Really, they’re mostly trivial, but they’re definitely things I’m going to have to get used to.

  1. My very first “CRAP” moment was when I thought about my hair stylist.  I know, it’s a first world problem, but my hair isn’t exactly straight forward.  If you know me at all, you know my hair is a riot of corkscrews and wiggly bits.  Finding someone who won’t butcher it or cut it so that I have to wear it straight wasn’t easy.  Case in point, my current stylist who has given me the best cuts of my life, I found her last August.  Randomly.  On Yelp.  So far I haven’t had any luck finding curly stylists on Yelp in MO.
  2. You can get anything delivered in the DC metro area.  Even from places that don’t actually deliver.  For a small fee, a delivery person will go and pick up your order from your restaurant of choice and deliver it to you.  There is no such thing as delivery in rural MO.  (Unless we’re talking UPS/FEDEX/USPS/etc.)  There’s no, “oh, I would love a pizza, we should order.”  Nope.  Domino’s isn’t coming to our house.
  3. This leads us to delicious restaurants.  Right across the highway from us (almost within walking distance if it weren’t for that damned hill) is what I like to call the United Nations of Dinner.  It’s a full street of basically nothing but restaurants.  Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican.  You want it, they’ve probably got it there.  If not, the grocery store is at the end of the street.  I’m sure cheap Mexican food is abundant in MO, because cheap Mexican is everywhere.  And the Chinese food is pretty good there too.  But my Thai restaurant with the delicious Nua Siam that I haven’t found anywhere else?  Nope.  (This same statement goes for all things purchasable at Dunkin Donuts, seeing as there aren’t any in MO.)
  4. Yes, more food related things.  Grocery stores.  Here, they deliver (see number 2), even though I’ve never ordered from the grocery for delivery.  Also, if I really want a banana at 3 AM, my grocery store is open and really close.  Grocery stores in MO?  Not so much.  And if I wanted that banana, even if I could find an open grocery (well, I suppose Wal-Mart has bananas….), it’s a half an hour from where we’ll be living.  There is a wee store right up the road (an improvement over my last country home), but it’s kind of lacking as well as closed at 3 AM.  There are no fun cheese sections in these stores, and even worse, no Trader Joe’s.  Thankfully, some enterprising individual has set up shop selling TJ’s goods on Amazon.
  5. Shopping.  We all like it.  I don’t find it too big a deal to be losing so many different stores as I do most of my shopping online.  (I have a feeling I’ll be even more thankful for Amazon prime come August.)  Unfortunately, some of the stores I really <3 are nowhere to be found.  First off, the Gap.  How can a mall not have a Gap!?  Thank heavens for free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  Also, the Apple Store.  Now, I don’t generally buy my stuff at the Apple store, so that’s not the problem.  The problem is, my laptop is persnickety.  It’s old.  I’ve spilled stuff in it.  (Yeah, I know, I’m a klutz.)  It needs babying.  Where the hell are all the genius bars!?
  6. This one’s a little weird.  Here in DC, we have all varieties of cultures which makes the city that much more interesting.  In the part of MO I’m going to?  Let’s be honest, it’s pretty white.  So I’m fully expecting to end up in the middle of that book “Stuff White People Like”.
  7. Sunday softball.  I’m sure there are adult co-ed leagues in MO, but OUR league won’t be there.  See, this league is pretty damn special.  It’s like a small town, everybody knows everyone else and they all hang out before and after games talking and enjoying the company with some adult libations.  The kids all run around and play and regardless of who they belong to, they’re being watched.  I don’t think I’m going to find that dynamic anywhere else in the world.  Who else would come up with our silly ass rules like a hit over the right field fence is a double and if you touch home plate you’re out?
  8. My friends.  I love these people.  Coming here for college was the best thing I think I’ve ever done.  I have met the greatest people, and had a blast.  Brunches, random outings, silly tourist things.  We’ve done them all.  Most of all I’m going to miss my seriously diverse group of woman-friends with whom I can share anything and everything.  These ladies better freaking visit or I’ll be sorely put out.
  9. Availability of everything.  At any time, I can hop on a bus or a train and go off to a free museum for entertainment.  I can walk down the block to find something else if I’m bored with that.  Pretty much the only time I need to drive is to go to the store.  MO is a lot like Texas.  Everything is really far away, but at least there’s always parking.
  10. And last, but not least, my house.  I love our little (town)house.  It’s what’s allowed us a lot of the other things.  It’s close to everything but still enough in the ‘burbs that walking your dog doesn’t leave you afraid you’re going to be taken out by a crazy driver.  Our backyard, even though it’s shared, is a place where you let your dog out to play with the neighbor’s dogs.  Our neighborhood is a great place filled with great people.  Every morning I wake up and think about how our time is limited here, and I try to savor each day we have left.